Crawfish this week were effected by the change of weather at the farms again. We were hoping for an issue free weekend but all the suppliers that caught crawfish and delivered crawfish all had the same problem. The Farms experienced a full day of rain and fog which can cause the crawfish to go into a molt. Molting is when the crawfish loose their shell so they can eat and become a larger size. During the time they molt, they can be caught but they have a soft shell. During the time they are caught and driven to the Dallas area, the crawfish can be crushed due to them being a soft shell. We have no control of this.
We just want everyone to be aware of this. And we do suggest that if you find a crushed crawfish, discard it and cook all the remainder of crawfish.
You will know after the crawfish is cooked and you pull the head off if the crawfish is edible. If there is no meat you toss the crawfish. If there is meat, eat it.
Thanks for your understanding.
We all look forward to the warmer temperatures and crawfish farms to start providing a high quality product.
Thanks for your understanding and we look forward to serving you.
Take care,


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