The crawfish suppliers and the crawfish farms did not drop their prices this week so I did.
The prices for crawfish this week is: 4.00 lb.
Full sacks only and the crawfish will not be 100% graded but will be washed and will have a mix of sizes in the sacks.
The sacks will range from 28-36 lb.
Please call your order in and reserve it for the day you want to pick them up.
Our crawfish suppliers deliver to us from Tuesday thru Sunday.
Please order your crawfish when you are sure you want to reserve your order.
No cancellations after your live order is placed.
Thanks and we hope to see you or hear from you.
Please call us at 972-424-3474.
Best regards,
Capt’n Dave


2 thoughts on “3-31-14 CRAWFISH UPDATE

    • No, we don’t carry fresh Octopus only frozen. Approx. 2 lb-2 1/2 lbs each.
      If you ever see Octopus in a display, don’t ever trust that it is fresh. It’s been thawed out.
      Their is no shelf life on fresh Octopus. Also, all octopus is from outside the U.S. so consider the amount of time the product has been out of the water.
      Be careful.

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