Crawfish update: 5-19 thru 5-26-14 (Memorial Weekend)

Hi Everyone!
Is everyone ready for this upcoming weekend? We are!
Crawfish prices will not go up this week. The Farmers are being nice for once.(I hope)
Prices will remain the same as the last couple of weeks.

Large Field runs(unwashed): 3.25 a lb
Large Graded and washed: 3.50 lb
#1 Selects: 4.00 lb.

Full sack prices only.(Avg size of sacks are 28-36 lbs)
We will not be cooking crawfish this weekend due to a couple of employees going out of town.(We will be short handed)

Please reserve your crawfish as soon as possible. In Louisiana this weekend they are having a major Crawfish Festival and this will effect the availability of crawfish. Please order your crawfish as soon as you can to protect your order.
We will be open through Monday.
We appreciate your business and we look forward to seeing everyone.
Reserve your order no later than 12:00 on Friday for this weekend pick up.
Take care,
Capt’n Dave


2 thoughts on “Crawfish update: 5-19 thru 5-26-14 (Memorial Weekend)

  1. THis is Randy Magers i just called and ordered 3 bags for this saturday and just a note. and thanks for your help.

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