The season is starting to wind down but it’s not over yet. So if you are planning a crawfish boil, please start planning soon or you might have to wait until next year.
Season usually ends around the end of 4th of July. After that they convert the farms to rice farms. The next season starts usually on Super Bowl weekend. This past year we had the freeze hit us and we had a delayed opener.
Prices this week are the same as they were for the last few weeks.
Large Field runs(unwashed): 3.25 lb
Large washed and graded: 3.50 a lb
#1 Select Crawfish (washed and graded): 4.00 lb.

We will not be cooking crawfish this weekend due to a couple of employees going out of town.
If we had the man power, we would be cooking.
Our crawfish is delivered to us on Tuesdays, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
we will be more than happy to hold your crawfish until Sunday for you.
Please reserve your order and we have no cancellations after Friday at 12:00.
Take care and please call to reserve your orders.
The Capt’n


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