Capt’n Dave’s Seafood Market Newsletter 12-01-14

Captain Dave’s Seafood Market

700 Alma Ste 104 Plano, Texas 75075


Capt’n Dave’s Seafood Market

December 01,2014
Hi Everyone!!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday last week and I want to thank all of you for shopping at our store.

We really went through some oysters last week and made sure everyone got what they needed.

That’s always our most popular item when it comes to Oyster dressing and appetizers during the holidays.

It was great seeing everyone and I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving dinner turned out great!!.

Below, I have offered this special over the last couple of weeks and we have sold so much of our King Crab pieces and Snow crab pieces that we have made some great space in our freezer.

Thanks for taking advantage of this special offering.

The King Crab legs with the large claw is real popular and we have more of those than we do of the pieces. So come get them before it’s too late.

So, the special below still stands:

Great for the best gumbo you could ever make.


We have an accumulation of pieces due to the suppliers putting 5% pieces in our full cases.

All the pieces are Real nice and you’ll be very happy!!

Your cost: King Crab Pieces: 20.00 a lb.

King Crab leg w/claw: 22.00 lb

Your cost: Snow Crab Pieces: 8.00 lb.

We have plenty right now but, don’t wait too long they will go very fast. Last week we sold about a third of our inventory.

Please call and reserve, as for the last few times I offered this special, we sold out quickly.

Take care and please call us to reserve your order. I am very happy to offer this special savings to everyone.

Best regards,

Capt’n Dave



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