Captain Dave’s Seafood Market

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Capt’n Dave’s Seafood Market

May 11, 2015
Hi everyone!

The first subject that I wanted to bring up was that I hope that all the Mother’s out there had a wonderful Mother’s Day Weekend. Thanks to many of you that came by the store also.

Sorry the weather wasn’t what most everyone was hoping for but I hope everyone had a great weekend being together.


We have a really exciting week at the store this week with the first opening of the ALASKAN COPPER RIVER SALMON SEASON.

The first day of opening is this Thursday(May 14th). Our fisherman will be fishing for eight straight hours.The catch that they bring in will be delivered directly to the Cannery for processing and shipped out to Dallas on Friday for a Saturday delivery. I will know exactly when the shipment arrives from Alaska at DFW Airport on Saturday afternoon. I am expecting approx. 100 fillets on the first shipment and we would appreciate everyone that is wanting any to please call the store and let us know how much you might be needing. I have until Wednesday to increase my order in case the 100 fillets is not enough. The next opening won’t be until the following week.

Cost to you based on what the fisherman are telling me will be around 23.00 a pound.

So, please reserve your first of the season Fresh Alaskan Sockeye. It would greatly be appreciated so we know how much to bring in on our first shipment.

Some customers have already reserved up to 8 sides each and some have ordered just one side. It all adds up quickly and I want to make sure I bring in enough to meet everyone’s orders.

Prices around town will probably be in the upper 20’s and 30’s for the same fish. I bypass all the middle people and buy directly from the fisherman to save my customers everything I can. Please trust that I will keep my cost down for everyone to enjoy.



PRICES: same as last week

Field Runs(mixed sizes, no grading, no washing) 3.25 lb

Graded and Washed: (graded to the top three sizes and rinsed) 3.75 lb

Select: (largest available and washed) 4.25 lb(Selects not available on Sunday)

Crawfish orders must be placed by 2:30 the day prior to picking them up.

Crawfish deliveries are made on Tuesday thru Sunday. 

Once you know you want crawfish, reserve your order. This will certainly protect your order.

We pay for your Crawfish when we place your order. Once your order is placed to the supplier, the Crawfish belongs to you.

Please keep up with the weather as I do because we do not take cancellations after your order has been placed to our supplier. 

For further information about Capt’n Dave’s, please click to our web site for last week’s newsletter. Basically nothing has changed from last week.

We hope to see everyone this week!!

Take care and thanks!


Capt’n Dave’s



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