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Capt’n Dave’s Seafood Market

June 24, 2015
Hi everyone! 


First of all everyone, especially all of my long time friends and customers. I want to apologize for not doing my weekly newsletter for the last couple of weeks and also for not being up at the store to see everyone.

On June 5th, I had open heart surgery due to a hereditary problem and emergency room doctors found that I had a large Aorta Aneurysm and a calcified valve that also had a leak.

So, I went through this major operation and I am in recovery stage and today I started my first day of Cardiac Rehab.

It’s going to be a while before I have the strength to be at the store full time but I want to assure all of you that I have four really good employees and they are there to help in any way. If you have any questions and want to speak to me, let my employees know and I will be more than happy to communicate with you.

So, now that I was able to finally get to this newsletter, I want to first thank everyone for their support, we had a pretty decent Father’s Day weekend and I hope everyone was able to enjoy being with their family.

This weekend is nothing special other than the weather is looking pretty nice and if your into grilling, we finally started getting in some beautiful Wahoo. If you’ve never tried it, the other name many are familiar with is “Ono”. In Hawaii, the name Ono is known as Sweet and delicate. It’s a great fish on the grill, it turns snow white and has large flakey meat and everyone who tries it only has great things to say about it.

It’s hard to get on a regular basis so if you get a chance, come by and try some.

This weekend we will still be bringing in fresh Copper River Salmon and we’ll have most anything you may be looking for.

Crawfish is still going strong. Last weekend, we had a couple of our crawfish farms down along I-10 near the Atchafalaya Basin that were flooded over from the tropical storm that came up from the coast last week. Crawfish were impossible to catch at that location.



We’ll still have Crawfish and we’ll still have the Wild Alaskan Sockeye from the Copper River out of Alaska.

So get on board before the season ends for both of these great seafood items and start planning ahead.


UPDATE: COPPER RIVER SOCKEYE: ****16.99 a lb****

All fillets are vacuumed sealed for freshness and easily stored for a few days in the refrigerator or you can just freeze them. All fillets are boneless and we are getting deliveries as many times a week as necessary.

If you have never tried Fresh Copper River Sockeye Salmon, you are in for a treat.

One of the best tasting, most healthiest fish you’ll ever eat!!

This fish has a slight buttery-nutty flavor and is full of rich omega-3 fats. Great for your heart and absolutely delicious!

Reserve your order or call first to make sure we haven’t sold out before you come up to the store.

Honestly, this is a fish that is so popular, it goes real fast. It’s only available fresh for a couple months out of the year. Don’t miss out.

*******4th of July is coming up in two weekends********

Reserve your crawfish orders so you don’t miss out. Get on the order book as soon as possible. Protect your order by reserving early. It is important in case there is a shortage. It’s a big weekend all over the south for Crawfish. So you can imagine how many people are wanting crawfish for the 4th of July.


CRAWFISH UPDATE: 6-22 thru 6-28

Field Runs(mixed sizes, no grading, no washing) 3.25 lb

Graded and Washed: (graded to the top three sizes and rinsed) 3.75 lb

Select: (largest available and washed) 4.25 lb

We will not be cooking Crawfish on Saturday this week.

We will be getting deliveries for the weekend on Saturday.

If you need crawfish for Sunday pickup, we will hold your crawfish in our cooler from our Saturday delivery.

Regular scheduled crawfish deliveries during the week are Tuesday, Wed, Thurs and Friday. Call the day before to order and we’ll have it ready for you.

During the week days, we do not keep extra crawfish in stock so if you are wanting any, full sacks are all we order for Tuesday through Thursday orders. Friday’s, Saturday’s and Sunday’s we can do half sacks(approx. 15-17 lbs.

only for Graded and Washed.



Once you know you want crawfish, reserve your order. This will certainly protect your order.

We pay for your Crawfish when we place your order. Once your order is placed to the supplier, the Crawfish belongs to you.

Please keep up with the weather as I do because we do not take cancellations after your order has been placed to our supplier. 


For further information about Capt’n Dave’s, please click to our web site prices and products that are available in our store. 

By the way, we should have some beautiful Wahoo in next week finally. Call if you decide you want some.


We hope to see everyone this week!!


Take care and thanks!


Capt’n Dave’s



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