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Capt’n Dave’s Seafood Market

June 29, 2015
Hi everyone! 


I hope everyone is planning a great 4th of July weekend.

I have some very important information to start this week so everyone can plan around what we our encountering this week due to 4th of July falling on Saturday.

First of all, I received a phone call from all three of our Crawfish suppliers and they are all telling me that most of the crawfish farms will be depleted by the end of this weekend. Because of this, the farmers will not be setting up their grading machines and all that will be offered is Good size Field runs.

CRAWFISH UPDATE: 6-29 thru 7-5-15 We are open on Sunday

Field Runs(mixed sizes, no grading, no washing) 3.25 lb

We will be taking orders for crawfish for everyday this week including Sunday.

Reserve your order before the farms cut us off.


ATTN EVERYONE!! A lot of great tasting fish!!!!!

We will have for you this weekend Wahoo, Mahi, Swordfish, Shark, Halibut, Tuna, Seabass,  Canadian Salmon, Copper River Sockeye Salmon, Grouper, Red Snapper, Rainbow trout, Cod, Tilapia, Steelhead Salmon, Redfish, Orange Roughy and Catfish. If you don’t see it, please let me know. If it’s available, I can get it for you. Need to know as soon as possible, no later than Thursday.

19 varieties, great selection and we will have plenty for the weekend,

UPDATE: COPPER RIVER SOCKEYE: ****16.99 a lb****

All fillets are vacuumed sealed for freshness and easily stored for a few days in the refrigerator or you can just freeze them. All fillets are boneless and we are getting deliveries as many times a week as necessary.

If you have never tried Fresh Copper River Sockeye Salmon, you are in for a treat.

One of the best tasting, most healthiest fish you’ll ever eat!!

This fish has a slight buttery-nutty flavor and is full of rich omega-3 fats. Great for your heart and absolutely delicious!

Our seafood suppliers will be closed this Saturday. All special orders will need to be placed by Thursday this week for us to receive your order by Friday 7-3.

All Live Lobster orders need to be placed by Thursday also.

1 1/2 lb Live Lobsters are 15.33 lb

2- 2 1/2 lb Live Lobsters are 15.93 lb.

If you wait until Friday to order we will not be able to process your  order.

Except on Crawfish.


Once you know you want crawfish, reserve your order. This will certainly protect your order.

We pay for your Crawfish when we place your order. Once your order is placed to the supplier, the Crawfish belongs to you.

Please keep up with the weather as I do because we do not take cancellations after your order has been placed to our supplier. 


For further information about Capt’n Dave’s, please click to our web site prices and products that are available in our store.


We hope to see everyone this week!!


Take care and thanks!


Capt’n Dave’s



4 thoughts on “CAPT’N DAVE’S WEEKELY NEWSLETTER 6-29 THRU 7-5-15

  1. Being from Maryland, and needing a crab fix, we REALLY wanted this place to work. After pre-ordering a bushel of #2 male crabs and 2 dozen oysters, we showed up at the recommended time on a busy holiday weekend, Labor Day. We were willing to pay the higher prices so that we wouldn’t have to drive around to various markets looking for male crabs. We transferred all of the crabs to ice chests for the long ride home and found 6 dead ones. When my husband approached the manager for replacements or refund he was treated extremely disrespectfully by the manager. It’s a shame because we would have sent a lot of folks his way and, heck, we just dropped $285 and he was too stingy to simply replace or refund for those 6 crabs. Bad business, bad customer service. After all Captain Dave you did charge me per pound for LIVE crabs!!!

    • I’m sorry about your experience. I was out of town and not aware of this until my employee told me what happened. I will be more than happy to give you a refund and you can come by anytime you want. If I am not there, you can tell them that I told you that you could get your credit.
      We also want everyone to understand that there is nothing wrong with a dead crab as long as it’s refrigerated. And we want everyone to also know that if a crab dies between the time you leave our store and when you get home, cook them, there’s nothing wrong it. I always tell my customers when I am asked about dead crab, and I always have this to say to them, they live in the water, once they are taken out of the water they are refrigerated to keep them cold and DORMENT. This keeps them from fighting and killing one another.
      Also, when you go to a crab house to eat crab, you must know that the crab they cook are not all alive. But they will tell you they were.
      I’m back in town now and I am sorry it took me this long to get back to you and I appreciate your business. I’m just sorry you had a bad experience at our store.
      Take care,

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