Captain Dave’s Seafood Market 700 Alma Ste 104 Plano, Texas 75075 972-424-3474  CAPT’N DAVE’S SEAFOOD MARKET WEEKLY  NEWSLETTER UPDATE NOVEMBER 20, 2017     OPEN: 7 DAYS A WEEK MONDAY- SATURDAY: 10-6 SUNDAY: 10-5   HI EVERYONE!   WE WILL BE CLOSED ON THANKSGIVING DAY. WE WILL BE READY FOR ALL OF YOU ON FRIDAY WHEN WE OPEN UP AT 10:00 A.M.  HAVE A WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY!!   It’s all about Thanksgiving this week. I hope everyone is prepared for this Special Holiday.  We will be open until Wednesday late afternoon. We usually close at 6:00 P.M. on Thanksgiving eve but as usual, most of my customers are really prepared and things start slowing down around 5:00. So, we ask everyone to come in and get what you need and to call in and reserve your orders so it will waiting for you when you come in.   For those who don’t eat the Traditional Turkey and Ham dinners for Thanksgiving, we have many customers that prefer Seafood for their Thanksgiving meal.    SO, IF YOU ARE NEEDING A SEAFOOD FIX, WE HAVE EVERYTHING YOU MIGHT NEED. WE HAVE THE LARGEST KING CRAB LEGS AVAILABLE, SNOW CRAB CLUSTERS, ALL VARIETIES OF LOBSTER TAILS, LIVE LOBSTERS IF YOU ORDER THEM BY WEDNESDAY MORNING FOR AFTERNOON PICKUP. WE HAVE ALL OUR DAILY FISH AND SHELL FISH THAT WILL BE AVAILABLE . MANY OF OUR CUSTOMERS EACH YEAR MAKE LARGE POTS OF SEAFOOD GUMBO OR CRAWFISH ETTOUFEE. WE HAVE ALL THE FIXIN’S FOR ALL THIS INCLUDING GUMBO CRABS AND LOUISIANNA CRAWFISH TAIL MEAT, FRESH CRAB MEAT  AND ANYTHING YOU NEED TO MAKE IT A MEAL NO ONE WILL FORGET. IF YOU WANT TO MAKE IT EASY ON YOURSELF, WE HAVE SEAFOOD GUMBO, CRAWFISH ETTOUFEE AND SHRIMP CREOLE ALREADY MADE IN 4# TRAYS OR 30 OZ TUBS.   IF YOU NEED TO PICK UP ANYTHING SPECIAL ON FRIDAY, PLEASE LET US KNOW IN ADVANCE OR EVEN FOR THE WEEKEND.   OYSTERS: WE HAVE OYSTERS ALREADY SHUCKED FOR THOSE WHO MAKE OYSTER DRESSING, GUMBO, GRILLED, OR JUST EATING THEM RAW. WE ALSO HAVE PLENTY OF OYSTERS IN THE SHELL FOR THOSE WHO WOULD RATHER SHUCK THEM. WE EVEN CARRY OYSTER KNIVES IF YOU NEED ONE.   WHOLE FISH: WE ALSO HAVE SOME REAL NICE 4 # CANADIAN SALMON FILLETS AND WE CAN GET YOU WHOLE SALMON, WHOLE RED SNAPPER, WHOLE RED FISH AND ALSO WHOLE STRIPED BASS.  ALL OF THESE WORK GREAT ON THE GRILL OR YOU CAN BAKE THEM IN YOUR OVEN.     SO, AFTER THANKSGIVING, WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING MANY OF YOU THAT ARE BURNT OUT ON EATING TURKEY, HAM AND ALL THE SIDES THAT GO WITH IT. IF YOU NEED A CHANGE, COME ON BY AND LET US FIX YOU UP. WE HOPE TO SEE YOU.   THE MOST POPULAR ITEM IN OUR STORE IS OUR CAJUN CRAB DIP. I BELIEVE EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE SOME DURING THE HOLIDAYS AS A REALLY NICE APPETIZER. I KNOW THAT IT WILL BE A  BIG HIT AND ALONG WITH THAT , I BELIEVE EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE SOME FRESH SMOKED SALMON TO SERVE AS AN APPETIZER ALSO. JUST A COUPLE ITEMS I TRULY THINK EVERYONE SHOULD ENJOY AND IT ALSO GIVES A VARIETY WHEN SITTING AROUND WITH FAMILY. OUR CAPT’N DAVE’S SPECIAL BOILED SHRIMP IS ALSO A BIG HIT. WE WILL BE COOKING SHRIMP EVERY DAY ALL DAY LONG. SO COME AND GET SOME!! REMEMBER, WE HAVE FOOTBALL GAMES ON THANKSGIVING AND WHAT COULD BE BETTER THAN TO HAVE SOME OF:   We have Boiled shrimp, Cajun Crab Dip and crackers, Smoked Salmon and we even have oysters if you really want something special. A dozen on the half shell while watching a football game? What a treat!! WHAT COULD BE BETTER? Our boiled Special Seasoned Cocktail Shrimp is a favorite for many of our customers along with our Cajun Crab Dip. If you haven’t try any of our Crab Dip, you are in for a treat when you do, IT IS THE BEST!! During half time, if you are planning your dinner, we have everything you need to entertain your party, from the Best assortment of Wild caught fish on the grill to Live Lobsters  for a great boil. Have some fun and let us help you put together what you need for a wonderful gathering.    Here is a good example of what you could combine to have a great Seafood Boil: Try combining Snow Crab Clusters, shrimp, corn, potatoes, mushrooms. You could add calamari rings, mussels, artichokes and whole garlic along with any of our sausages (Crawfish, Alligator, Andouille, Louisiana Hot sausage) I know you will enjoy it, so when you are ready to plan something like this, let us know. **BY THE WAY, DID YOU KNOW THAT I AM THE ONLY STORE IN TOWN THAT CARRIES WILD CAUGHT  DOMESTIC CATFISH? IT’S A VERY POPULAR PRODUCT WE SELL AND WE ALWAYS HAVE THEM IN STOCK. THE CATFISH FILLETS ARE 2-3 OZ EACH. AND OUR CATFISH IS A U.S.A WILD CAUGHT CATFISH.** (Arrives every Tuesday and Friday.)  And we always have it in stock. Very popular!!!! No fat, skin or bones, just perfect! GREAT ON THE GRILL OR IN THE HOUSE:  check out these Wild caught fish that we have in stock on a daily basis:  Wahoo, Cobia, Tuna, Sea Bass, Halibut, Mahi, Salmon(Sockeye, Coho), Shark, Swordfish, Grouper and Red Snapper, Walleye, Wild Catfish, Orange Roughy, Whiting  and Alaskan cod Our Farmed raised fish are also available: Catfish, Tilapia, Rainbow trout, Canadian Salmon, Steelhead Trout, Redfish Also GREAT on the grill, these Wild Caught shellfish are absolutely delicious on the grill:(We’ll show you how to prepare them) Lobster tails, King Crab Legs, X-tra large Sea Scallops, Monster Gulf Shrimp, Oysters, Cajun Sausages and Soft Shell crabs. Whole fish is also a very popular item when it comes to grilling. My favorite fish is the Red Snapper. We have Whole Red Snapper, Whole Striped Bass, Whole Red Fish, Whole Salmon and whole Brazino available. YOU do need to reserve your order by Friday afternoon if you want any whole fish for the weekend. Alright everyone, we are back to making Kabobs again this year. Get creative and let us make a batch for you so you can surprise your guest for dinner. BECAUSE THESE FISH ARE NOT TO BE FOUND ANYWHERE AROUND THIS AREA AND PEOPLE ARE TALKING ABOUT IT SO MUCH, WE KEEP HAVING THE SAME RESULTS EVERY WEEKEND. “Once again and again, our biggest seller over the last few weeks has been our “COBIA and WAHOO.” These two fish are very hard to find and most people have never tried them before. I can tell you that once you have tried either one of these two fish, it won’t be your last. These fish are absolutely delicious. ENJOY IT AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT IT. THEY ARE BOTH AN UNBELIEVABLY DELICIOUS FISH!!!  Other really big sellers have been our Tuna, Mahi, Grouper, Halibut and Sea Bass. As always though, our Copper River Sockeye Salmon is always our top seller all year long. Another big seller is our Red Snapper. It’s probably the most familiar fish that everyone knows about. We stock more  Red Snapper than any of our fish. It’s always one of our top sellers. IF YOU WANT A WHOLE RED SNAPPER, JUST LET US KNOW! COPPER RIVER SOCKEYE: (VACUUMED SEALED  WHOLE FILLETS) NEW SHIPMENT FROM ALASKA WILL ARRIVE TOMORROW(TUESDAY) THIS IS PART OF MY PURCHASE THAT WE HAVE RELEASED FROM ALASKA AS NEEDED. Your cost on Copper River Sockeye Salmon: 16.99 lB PLEASE COME BY THE STORE TO SEE ALL THE MANY ITEMS WE SELL IN OUR STORE. YOU WILL BE AMAZED. I believe we have anything you are looking for. You’ll be surprised.   WEB PAGE : FACEBOOK: Captdavesplano Take care and thanks! David Conger Capt’n Dave’s 972-424-3474


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