About Capt’n Dave’s Seafood Market

Capt’n Dave’s Seafood Market has been in business since 1991 where we opened our first store in Rowlett, Texas. We opened our second store in Plano, Texas in 1994. Since then we have become the seafood market for many customers searching for high quality seafood. In 1994, we sold our lease in Rowlett and decided that the store in Plano would be our main focus.
Throughout all these years, I have found the best suppliers with the highest quality of seafood available.
My most important concern for my company and my employees is to provide all of our customers the best service, highest quality available and to do our best to keep our cost down for our customers. With my knowledge of suppliers and products, you can be assured that I will meet this goal on a daily basis.
We are known for keeping our cost down for our customers and for bringing in a variety of seafood that in many cases are very hard to find locally. We have many customers who come from out of state to purchase large volumes of seafood and we bring in whatever our customers request as long as it’s available. We have Seafood suppliers from all over the country. We buy direct from Alaska and Hawaii when we need specialty fish such as Halibut, Cod and Copper River Salmon from Alaska or Wahoo or Opah and Swordfish from Hawaii. When you have customers that move into this area looking for seafood that is common from where they lived, we need to be able to have that product in our store.
We are the largest crawfish supplier in this area and we bring in the highest quality that is available.
On average, we sell approximately 5-8 thousand pounds of crawfish per week.
We also cater to many crawfish parties every season and we also cook outside our store every Saturday for our customers.(as long as the weather is good)
Keep up with us and if you are in the area, please stop by and see what we keep on hand on a normal day.
On the weekends, we bring in more varieties of seafood for those who are looking for something different.
Our full line of fresh and also frozen seafood is very extensive and you will be amazed to see all the different items we carry.
If you like Cajun, come check us out.
Thanks for visiting our home page and we look forward to seeing you soon.
Our store number is: 972-424-3474

Take care and stay healthy!
Capt’n Dave


21 thoughts on “About Capt’n Dave’s Seafood Market

    • Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. You also can call the store anytime you want. The cost on our backfin is 21.99 a lb. and yes tey come in one pound tubs.
      All gulf crab only.

  1. We have claw meat, premium lump(backfin), Jumbo lump and jumbo fingers
    If we can help, please come by. Or you call us at 972-424-3474

  2. I live in Lubbock and we are planning to have a shrimp boil for approximately 150-200 people here on April 5th … if we were to buy 100 pounds of shrimp (size that is fit for a shrimp boil) what would the price per pound be and what would you recommendation be for us either traveling to pick it up or having it shipped to us? Thanks for your time.

    • Kelly, the most popular two sizes that we recommend are 21-25 count Gulf shrimp and 16-20 count.
      Cost: 11.99 lb for 21-25 and 12.99 lb for 16-20.
      Also, in the meantime, I can negotiate with my suppliers for even better prices if they become available.
      The new oil spill in the Gulf(Houston)gives the suppliers an opportunity to increase their current inventory price knowing that the prices will come in higher on new stock.
      It would cost you twice as much to ship these shrimp to you. It might be best to come pick them up but if you want me to get a cost for you, I can do this for you.
      I just sent 20 lbs to Florida to my Father and it cost 129.00 to for a two day delivery.
      Please call me as I do not look at my web site everyday. Thx. I don’t want to miss you.
      David(Capt’n Dave)

  3. Hi Cap. When visiting your store, are your products labeled farm-raised or wild? We not happy with local supermarkets fish/seafood supply and are looking for more wild-caught products. Thanks for chance to ask prior to making the drive.

    • Jeremy,
      In our fish case, all our fish are marked that way. Sometimes when we add items and don’t have a display label we’ll let you know. So, everything in the fish case is labeled wild or farmed.
      The shellfish case is all wild except our seasoned cooked shrimp. The large wall menu has so many frozen items on it and I believe everything is wild caught except our peeled and deveined shrimp, frog legs and maybe a few other items. All our shell on shrimp in our case is only wild caught gulf shrimp. I hope this makes you feel more comfortable. See you soon.

    • Carrie,
      Our Tilapia is previously frozen and vacuumed sealed. There is no wild caught Tilapia for commercial use, never has been. Years ago it was available farmed raised in the U.S. with cost of fuel and feed rising over the years, farmed raised Tilapia has been discontinued in the U.S. All Tilapia is Farm raised outside of our country. Fresh is available and I can bring in Fresh but I don’t have a need for it when my Frozen thawed looks as good or better than fresh. Plus the cost to me is 1.00 less than what I sell my Tilapia for. Your cost from me is 6.99 lb.
      Our fillets are 5-7 oz each.
      Hope this helps in answering your question.
      Take care and I hope to see you when you come into the store.

  4. I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying fresh right out of the water Mahi Mahi Yesterday I purchased Wild Mahi at a local supermarket that had previously been frozen and the flavor was not near as good. Maybe it was the way I prepared it, however do you sell fresh Mahi? Will it never taste the same as fresh out of the water Mahi? The meat was a little tuff and was not near as flavorful.


    • Holly, it’s always available and I will be more than happy to bring it in for you along with my other customers. If you will let me know when you want some, I’ll add your order to my initial order. I plan on having quite a few fresh fillets brought in on Friday for the weekend.
      Please email me and let me know if you were interested in some for the weekend.

    • Meagan,
      We can do this for you but if we do it, we would have to thaw them and steam them for you. Would you please call me so we can discuss this? I really don’t want to try to get a back in forth email to you on this web site. This site is not used for back n forth conversations.
      Call my store as soon as possible so I can discuss the timing, if you want them still hot when you pick them up, do you want them refrigerated? Do you see why it’s important I talk to you?
      Please call 972-424-3474 and ask my employees to have me call you. Leave a phone number. And we can get this down perfect for you.

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